Do you think you need care?

Making the decision to ask for help can be daunting

If you think you, or someone you know, needs help to cope with day-to-day living, the first step is to get a needs assessment from your local authority. This needs assessment is free and anyone can have one. They will be able to discuss your options such as equipment, changes to your home, care needs.

To arrange a needs assessment in Shropshire, you need to contact Shropshire Council’s First Point of Contact: 03456 789 044

The needs assessment can be carried out face to face or over the telephone and you can expect it to be least an hour long. They will ask you how you are managing day to day tasks such as washing, dressing, meal preparation etc

It is very important that you give as much detail as possible, have someone with you to make sure that no information gets forgotten about.

You will get the results of your needs assessment usually within one week. If a need for care is identified you will have a financial assessment to determine whether you are entitled to any help towards the cost of care (this is means tested, for more information on funding options click here). The results may highlight that you may benefit from equipment or adaptations to your home, if this is the case you may be referred for a separate assessment of your home.


What happens next?

If a need for care is identified and you are eligible for help with the cost of this the council you will then have the opportunity to create a support plan, what support you need, how you would like this support to be given, your preferences etc.

The council will then try and source your package of care from local care providers. You have the right to say if you would like a particular provider.

If a needs assessment identifies that you are not eligible for care or support through the local authority, they will be able to offer you advice on what to do next, or if you feel you definitely need some help and support, you can go directly to a care provider to arrange the support you feel you need, however you will have to pay for this yourself.


If Allcare are your chosen provider.

If we are lucky enough to be the provider chosen to carry out your care we will take every step to ensure that the care package starts and runs as smoothly as possible.

  1. We would at first make contact to introduce ourselves and arrange a convenient time to meet.
  2. A senior member of the team will visit your home to discuss your needs and preferences, to tailor your care to you.
  3. At this visit we will carry out extensive risk assessments and where needed external agency advice may be sought (ie. Occupational Therapists, District Nurses) and any specialist training needs will be identified to ensure that your care package runs as smoothly and effectively as possible.
  4. A detailed care plan will be drawn up and agreed to by the individual receiving support and Allcare.
  5. Care will commence on the agreed date at the agreed time.
  6. Competent, compassionate and caring staff who are trained to a very high level will carry out your care, they will risk assess at every visit and ensure that any concerns/changes are reported.
  7. After six to eight weeks, a review of your care package will be carried out by a senior member of staff to discuss your care needs, how you feel the care is going, any changes that need to be made. (although our care packages are monitored on an ongoing basis, so if any changes are requested/needed then this will be done as and when required, you do not have to wait until this review to discuss your care.)

After this time your care package will continue to be monitored and regular reviews will take place.

We encourage all individuals to whom we provide support to speak to us if they have any comments, compliments or concerns about their care.

We strive to continually improve the service that we provide.


You may find some other useful advice in the Shropshire Choices support finder